• Dual national France and UK
  • Post graduate of the LSE and Paris IV Sorbonne in contemporary history
  • Associate Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, London
  • Fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States
  • Recipient 2017 of the Marie Curie Award


  • Expertise on EU projects on IPV and Sexual Harassment
  • Book
    The French Painter and the American Showman, the Unlikely Friendship of Rosa Bonheur and Buffalo Bill, translation by Stephen CLARKE


  • Expertise on EU projects on violence, and Council of Europe
  • Books :
    Rosa Bonheur l'audacieuse (Albin Michel Jeunesse)
    L'Affaire des fées de Cottingley (Rageot)
  • Rosa Bonheur et Buffalo Bill, une amitié admirable, Robert Laffont
  • Theatrical adaptation Marie et Bronia Le Pacte des soeurs, performances in Paris, Montauban, Sèvres, Zurich
  • Expertise Violence/Media, Council of Europe - Psychological violence/ French Ministry for Equality.
  • Marie et Bronia, le Pacte des soeurs, (Albin Michel Jeunesse), nominated for 10 literary awards.
  • Women in Science Seminar, Bibliothèque Solvay, Brussels
  • Workshops on Gender-Based Violence/Companies
  • Domestic violence training for health professionals
  • European projects DAPHNE
  • For the Council of Europe, in Rabat, Morocco, and Sousse, Tunisia, expertise / media treatment of violence against women.


  • Prix Marianne for Les Soeurs savantes, Marie Curie et Bronia Dluska (La Librairie Vuibert/Albin Michel).
  • Published in Polish: Uczone siostry.
  • Book: Marthe Richard, l'aventurière des maisons closes (La Librairie Vuibert/ Albin Michel)
  • Member of the jury of the Mediterranean Women's Fund Photo Award
  • Expert for PSYTEL/ DAPHNE/ DG Justice, European Commission.
  • Trainer in Algiers for the Algerian Radio and BBC Media Action.


  • Book: Les Soeurs savantes, Marie Curie and Bronia Dluska (La Librairie Vuibert/Albin Michel).
  • 3 short animated films for the French Ministry of Defense: Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Army
  • 8 short animated films for Libres Terres des Femmes (scripts, co-direction, production): Getting out of domestic violence. Dubbed in 9 languages.
  • Member of PSYTEL/ DAPHNE/ DG Justice, European Commission Programme against violence and for the protection of victims.
  • On domestic violence: European Parliament (EIGE), Women's Rights Department, Paris City Hall, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Sciences Po, European Institute of Journalism, Mauritius.
  • Media and sexism: ENS, high schools.


  • Member of PSYTEL/DAPHNE/DG Justice, the European Commission's program to combat violence and protect victims.
  • Short film : Do you know what a relationship is? Festival Littérature, Love, etc, Lille. Co-directed by Aurélie Olivier, with the Family Planning of Lille.
  • Member of the jury of the Mediterranean Women's Fund Photo Award
  • March 2011 Mauritius - At the Ambassador's residence, conference on domestic violence, for senior magistrates; At the French Institute, Breaking Gender Barriers; Meetings with Mauritius Broadcasting Company, WIN, and Sheila Bapoo, Minister for Gender Equality.
  • Member of the steering committee, France, One Billion Rising
  • Teaching: Sciences Po Paris School of Journalism, International section; Sexism and popular culture, Interuniversity Diploma in Gender Equality, Paris 3 and Paris 6 (since 2008)


  • Book : Frapper n’est pas aimer, enquête sur les violences conjugales en France, Denoël.


  • Book: Ces Femmes qui ont fait la France, 25 portraits, City éditions.
  • France Culture, A Voix nue, Natacha Henry with Linda Weil-Curiel, from March 9 to 13.
  • Global Survey on Women in Media, International Women in Media Foundation, IWMF, Washington DC.


  • Book:  Les Filles faciles n'existent pas, non-fiction, Michalon.
  • Auditioned by the Commission on the image of women in the media, Ministry of Labour.
  • The Vagina Monologues
    VDay 2008.
    With Eve Ensler.
    Theatre Michel, Paris.


  • Book: Exciseuse, with lawyer Linda Weil-Curiel, City.
  • Round table, Female sexual mutilation, Femmes 17, La Rochelle.


  • Book: Marthe Richard, l'aventurière des maisons closes, Punctum
  • Report on Women in the Media (Service des droits des femmes/AFJ)
  • Director and producer of Paris Parity, 4'50 (Gender Company, TVE London)


  • Reading of the Vagina Monologues, by Eve Ensler, Vday. Théâtre Jemmapes, May 24, 2004, April 28 and 29, 2005. Agora de l'Égalité des Chances, Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Dec. 2004.


  • Director: Fatima d'ici et d'ailleurs, France 3 Marseille, BBC World, (Béka, TVE, 8').
  • Consultant for the film C'est une maman ! (DCDF, 26'), French Ministry of Education.
  • Co-director: Les petites mariées d'Abyssinie with Philippe Molins, (MFP, 52') France 5. Broadcast Jan. 27.
    On girl marriage in northern Ethiopia.
    Selection FIGRA 2005. In 2004 : FIPA ; Festival International de Films de Femmes, Créteil ; Festival Vues d'Afrique, Montreal ; Cycle Mariages, Forum des images.


  • Book: Les " mecs lourds " ou le paternalisme lubrique, Robert Laffont.
  • France Culture, co-producer of Genre, a weekly program (1 hour).
  • Fellow of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
  • National Observatory on Violence, Coordination for the European Women's Lobby


  • In Ethiopia, articles about Child Marriage. Photos Lizzie SADIN
  • Consultant for the European association Du Côté des Filles (gender stereotypes in children's books)
  • Daily column in the newspaper l'Humanité.
  • Director of Where are the women?  Documentary, 8 minutes (TVE, BBC World, Article Z)
  • Journalist, assistant director for D'amour et d'eau fraîche, documentary by Jenny Keguiner, Arte (Quark, 52').

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Expertise on EU projects on violence, and Council of Europe


From 1995 to 1999

  • President of the French Association of Women Journalists.
  • Exhibition with Sophie Sensier, photos Women of Huairou (Amnesty International, Town Halls of Tourcoing, Créteil, Paris 18, University Paris I).
  • Correspondent at the Fourth United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing, for Beijing Watch, Women's Feature Service.
  • Correspondent for Women's Feature Service.
  • Secretary of the French Association of Women Journalists
    President of the Jury for the Documentary Award at the International Women's Film Festival in Créteil
  • Interviews, Spielberg Foundation, Audiovisual history of Holocaust survivors
  • Round table Prevention of trafficking, media awareness, Council of Europe, Strasbourg
  • Articles Gender Parity in French Politics, The Political Quarterly, GB; Body as Battlefield, Lockmat Times, India; Tearing Veil of Bigotry, Tribune, India.

Before 1995

  • In charge of research in France for Anthony Allfrey's book, The Goldschmidts, Think Publishing, London, 2005.
  • DEA in Contemporary Political and Social History, Paris IV Sorbonne,
    Enoch Powell, a failed political career? Prof. François Crouzet
  • M.A., The London School of Economics and Political Science,
    British Foreign Politics towards revolutionary Cuba in 1958, Dr John Young
  • Master's degree in contemporary political and social history, Paris IV Sorbonne, The Phenomenon of Football Hooliganism in Great Britain, Prof. François Crouzet.