Direction, co-production, production :

Animated short films on issues related to sexism.


Direction : Natacha Henry and Clélia Nguyen
Production : 3 short animated films (2'30) in partnership with MIPROF
Client : French Ministry of Defense
Theme : "Sexual harassment and violence, understanding and responding".
Public : training centers of the Armed Forces.


Direction : Natacha Henry and Clélia Nguyen (series 2 and 3) (Clémence Gandillot for serie 1)
Production : Libres Terres des Femmes 8 short animated films for women victims of domestic violence
In 11 languages: Arabic, Bambara, English, French, Lingala, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Soninke, Tamil, Wolof
Theme : Exits from Domestic Violence.
Public : victims, family and friends, professionals.
Funding: DAIC, Ministry of the Interior. With the support of the Mediterranean Women's Fund, the DELSOL Avocats Endowment Fund and Soroptimist Ile-de-France.

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Script, dialogue, co-direction

Natacha Henry

Animation, graphic design, co-direction

Clélia Nguyen


Gilles Dubois-Chabert, Bobito Studio

Post production

Charles Jousselin, Oonops

Short documentaries


Direction : Natacha Henry and Aurélie Olivier
"Une relation, tu sais ce que c'est ?" (7')
A partnership with the Planning Familial, Lille
Première at the festival Littérature, Love, etc.

For TVE London


Director Natacha Henry
"Paris Parity"
This short documentary film represented France in the series Why Women Count, TVE London. 
Broadcast in the 43 participating countries.
Paris, the National Assembly: 506 male MPs, 71 female MPs. The major political parties do not respect the laws on parity in politics, choosing to pay fines rather than to elect female candidates.
With Marie-Jo Zimmermann, MP, and Françoise Gaspard, former deputy mayor.

Paris Parity was financed by the Service des droits des femmes et de l'égalité.


Natacha Henry
"Fatima d'ici et d'ailleurs"
For TVE, BBC World
About an association in Marseille that helps North African women who have just moved to France.
Click here to See the movie.

Co-direction with Philippe Molins
"Les petites mariées d'Abyssinie",
For France 5.
On girls' early marriage in northern Ethiopia.
This documentary (52') was made possible with the technical assistance of the Unicef. 
It was selected in many festivals.