Natacha Henry is a post graduate in contemporary history from the London School of Economics and the Sorbonne, and a Fellow of the Marshall Fund of the United States.

She is an award-winning author and an international consultant on gender-based violence.

An experienced traveller and a keen European, she lives in Paris and in London.


Natacha Henry is an international expert for the European Union and the Council of Europe.  
She started her career in GBV by covering the 4th United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing  for Women's Feature Service.

In 2023
The Council of Europe

~ Supporting the Implementation of the Istanbul Convention in the Republic of Moldova

The European Union's Rights, Equality and Citzenship Programme
~ IPV_COACT, on IPV and Homicidal Risk Assessment

In 2022
The European Union's Rights, Equality and Citzenship Programme
~ SAFESHELTER, on Child Safeguarding in Shelters
~ Forced Suicide/IPV

"Rosa Bonheur and Buffalo Bill" is now in ENGLISH
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Souvenirs de ma vie

Rosa Bonheur l’audacieuse

Marie et Bronia

Rosa Bonheur et Buffalo Bill

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This historical novel tells the moving story of the unlikely encounter between animal painter Rosa Bonheur and the American entertainer col. William Cody, Buffalo Bill.

It took place in 1889 when Buffalo Bill brought his Wild West show to the Paris Exposition universelle.

This book was first published in France.
Translation by best-selling British author Stephen Clarke.

This is currently the only book by Natacha Henry available in English.
If you read French, please check our page "Livres".

Available on
(print and kindle)
200 pages

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